Why has my Osmo finish peeled and flaked?

Osmo products depend on penetration into the wood surface where they form a cross-linked chemical bond to the wood fibres. Penetration of the oil can be inhibited by not adequately preparing the surface and/or applying the oil to wood with a moisture content beyond 20% such as onto new pressure treated wood, or applying at [...]

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Are your products suitable for veneered wood?

Some timber manufacturers recommend not to use an oil or wax treatment for their veneered doors. This is because an oil/wax treatments are designed to absorb into the timber and must absorb through the veneer to ensure this. During this process there is a small risk of the veneer lifting. Osmo Door Oil is a [...]

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What are the ingredients of your products?

Our products contain natural vegetable oils such as linseed oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil and thistle oil - and our interior range also contain natural vegetable waxes such as carnauba wax and candelilla wax. Although the ingredients vary with each product, there is a full declaration of the ingredients on each product page.

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Are your products fire resistant?

Our products are classified as B1 for flammability, they do not speed up a flame - nor do they resist a flame. We recommend to use a microporous fire-retardant product to achieve flame resistance, with a small trial application prior to use.

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I want to use a clear finish and also provide UV-protection, is this possible?

Yes, for vertical surfaces such as cladding, fencing, doors and windows etc.  Osmo UV-Protection Oil is a special product which can acheive UV protection on vertical surfaces, as long as rain/water can run off the wood rather than absorb into it, a minimum drip angle of 15° is required. Unfortunately, it is not possible to [...]

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What is the drying time for your products?

Osmo Polyx®-Oil 2K (6125) has a special curing time of 4 hours, which means the floor can be used as normal after this time. However, the other Polyx®-Oils have a drying time of 8-12 hours and a full curing time of approx. 10-14 days - during this time we advise you to keep floor traffic to [...]

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