Easy Pads


Easy Pads


Soft and lint-free cloths

Osmo Easy Pads are soft and lint-free cloths, ideal for applying Osmo colour products; as well as for the cleaning and maintenance for wooden surfaces. For achieving a transparent and smooth appearance of the surface, furthermore for polishing Osmo Hardwax-Oils. Easy Pads are a very good alternative to a brush for the aplication of natural wood finishes on small surfaces, such as furniture, countertops and other interior wooden surfaces.

Sizes: Box (10pcs)



  • Soft and Lint-free: Ideal for the application of Osmo colour products
  • Good alternative to brushes for Furniture and Countertops
  • Perfect for polishing with Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner
  • Works for the removal of stubborn stains, shoe marks, asphalt stains, ect.
  • Can also be used with a Floorxcenter (to pad off finish)
  • Apply Liquid Wax Cleaner either to the cloth or directly to the surface
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