Floor Brushes

Osmo Floor Brush 220mm for the application of Osmo wood finishes
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Osmo Floor Brushes are specially designed for the application of Osmo Polyx-Oil(s) and Wood Wax Finishes. Made from 100% natural bristles, these high-quality made in Germany brushes are designed specifically for the quick and efficient application of Osmo products. Brush handle has locking connection for Osmo Telescopic Handle.


  • The Floor Brush should only be saturated lightly. Please be aware that Osmo Polyx-Oils have a high yield (see product label). Product excesses and brush marks must be blended and smoothed out immediately.
  • After finishing work, the Floor Brush can be wrapped in saran wrap and kept airtight until required for the 2nd coat the next day.
  • 150mm width of brush is ideal/intended for decking



150mm, 220mm, 400mm


  1. Stir the Osmo Polyx-Oil finish well and pour into a tray.
  2. Take the Osmo Floor Brush and dip approximately 1cm into product.
  3. Brush the Osmo Polyx-Oil very thinly and evenly onto the wood floor following the grain in a back-and-forth scrubbing motion.
  4. Take care to avoid brush-stops, excessive areas of product
  5. Store the brush in a plastic bag overnight to prevent drying
  6. Clean with Osmo Brush Cleaner and Thinner 8000