Professional Trowel


Professional Trowel


Knee-saving trowel for spreading Full Solid coatings

A high quality German-made 500mm trowel for the easy and efficient application of viscous wood finishes over large areas of flooring. Telescopic handle and frame saves kneeling and allows the user to cover large areas quickly. No sharp edges or burrs; the trowel is cleaned with a cloth and then wiped down with Osmo Brush Cleaner and Thinner 8000.



Trowel Body
Stainless Steel
Blade: 500mm
Handle: 1m-2m


  • Efficient and even application of Osmo wood finishes over large areas
  • No kneeling or slouching required thanks to ergonomic telescopic handle
  • Made in Germany: High quality tool without burrs or sharp edges
  • Wide blade covers large areas quickly and easily; handle extends from 1-2m
  • Easy clean-up – just wipe with a rag/cloth or Osmo Easy Clean wipes
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