Why has my Osmo finish peeled and flaked?

Osmo products depend on penetration into the wood surface where they form a cross-linked chemical bond to the wood fibres. Penetration of the oil can be inhibited by not adequately preparing the surface and/or applying the oil to wood with a moisture content beyond 20% such as onto new pressure treated wood, or applying at [...]

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How do I maintain my decking and garden furniture?

After treatment, we recommend to maintain your decking and garden furniture occasionally with Osmo Decking Cleaner. If your wood has faded and starts to discolour into a greyed effect, we recommend to use Osmo Wood Reviver Power Gel to remove the grey and revive back to original colour, afterwards re-application of a suitable treatment is [...]

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When will I need to renovate/re-apply your products?

For interior wood - re-application is usually recommended every 3-5 years. Although, this is dependant on the amount of use and how often the surface is maintained. For exterior wood - re-application is usually recommended every 3-10 years. Although, this is dependant on the external elements. Woods in locations near the coast or are south-facing usually requires [...]

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