Polyx®-Oil 2K Pure Full Solid


Polyx®-Oil 2K Pure Full Solid


Commercially Designed

Osmo Polyx Oil 2K is resistant to water and dirt, is extremely durable and smoothens wood surfaces whilst enhancing the natural beauty of the wood character. There is no need to close business during application, maintenance or renovation: two coats are applied in one day (wet-on-wet) whereby the finish dries and cures within 4 hours!

Options d’Application

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Colour Tone


Couverture d’Env.
30m²/L (320ft2/L) with two coats
Nombre de Couches
2 coats (wet-on-wet)
Temp. d’Application.
+5°C to 35°C
Temps de Séchage
Formats Disponibles


  • Fastest drying and curing Hardwax-Oil on the market
  • Two coats applied in one day (wet-on-wet) saving time
  • LEED Compliant, Low VOC and Solvent-free
  • Specifically designed for commercial/professional use
  • Extremely durable and hardwearing; water and dirt resistant
  • Enhances the wood’s natural character
  • Suitable for all woods including exotic woods
  • Microporous, breathable finish which does not crack, peel or flake
  • No sanding necessary for spot repairs or future applications
Outils d’Application

Double Bladed Trowel

A high quality German-made double sided trowel for the easy and efficient application of viscous wood finishes. Used in large “figure 8” sweeping motions, the trowel has two sides, flexible (for initial spreading) and firm (for removing product excess). No sharp edges or burrs; the trowel can be disassembled completely with a screwdriver and stainless steel portions can be thoroughly cleaned with Osmo Brush Cleaner and Thinner 8000.


Professional Trowel

A high quality German-made 500mm trowel for the easy and efficient application of viscous wood finishes over large areas of flooring. Telescopic handle and frame saves kneeling and allows the user to cover large areas quickly. No sharp edges or burrs; the trowel is cleaned with a cloth and then wiped down with Osmo Brush Cleaner and Thinner 8000.



Osmo FloorXcenter is a lightweight and easy to manage floor buffing unit which has a soap dispenser that enables the user to dispense the optimal amount of a pre-loaded cleaner, such as a mixture of Osmo Intensive Cleaner, or Osmo Wash and Care for easy floor maintenance. Can be used to clean, resurface as well as colour and refinish floors with Osmo wood finishes.

Instructions d’Application


Apply two thin coats with an Osmo FloorxCenter® or single disc floor-buffing machine, with green and white pads.

Preparation: Osmo Polyx®-Oil 2K Pure is not ready to use.

  1. Please mix the contents of the hardener (Component B) into the Polyx-Oil (Component A).
  2. Pay careful attention to ensuring the two components are well mixed
  3. Can-life (Open-time) of the mixed product is approx. 4 hours
  4. Product is now ready for use

First Coat: Apply one thin coat with an Osmo Double Sided Scraper, Professional Scraper or other high quality trowel, and Osmo FloorxCenter® or floor-buffing machine.

  1. Trowel the product thinly onto the floor using an Osmo Double Sided Scraper or similar.
  2. Wait approx. 30-60 minutes, until the Polyx®-Oil 2K Pure has penetrated the wood surface
  3. Massage the product into the surface using a floor buffer and a green pad.
  4. Proceed immediately to second coat

Second Coat: Immediately after the first coat of Polyx®-Oil 2K Pure, apply a second thin coat with a trowel and floor buffing machine.

  1. Trowel the second coat product thinly and evenly onto the floor.
  2. Allow approx. 35-60 minutes for product to penetrate wood surface
  3. Disperse and polish the floor, removing excess using a floor buffer and white pads
  4. There is too much material on the surface when you can see rings. If so, turn the pad over.
  5. Allow 4 hours drying time. Allow for good ventilation whilst drying

If using as a Polyx®-Oil 2K Pure 6125 as a top coat over Polyx® Professional Colour Oils, proceed immediately to second-coat. Only one coat of Polyx®-Oil is required over top of a Polyx® Professional Colour Oil, therefore the first coat and its steps are omitted.

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