Opti Mop


Opti Mop


Hardwood floor care made easy

A special mop and cloth set for cleaning and maintaining wooden, vinyl, tiled and natural stone floors. Dust mop for dusting. Micro-Mop for regular cleaning and Active-Fibre Cloth for occasional intensive cleaning. Telescopic handle, for a back-preserving length adjustment included.




Telescopic handle

For comfortable handling


Dust Mop

Easy to use, for picking up dust on wooden floors


Micro-mop Plus

For damp mopping the floor with Osmo Wash & Care


Active fibre cloth

For simple application of Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner on all oiled/waxed wooden floors


1x Opti Telescopic Handle
1x Dust Mop
1x Micro-Mop Plus
1x Active Fibre Cloth


  • Cleans and regenerates the wood at the same time
  • Removes tough stains such as grease and shoe polish
  • Maintains protected surfaces without wear of treatment
  • Easy to use for regular and occasional use
  • Provides the wood with natural hard waxes, without forming a film on the surface
  • Ideal for domestic and commercial use
Cleaning & Maintenance Products

Wash & Care

Osmo Wash and Care is a special cleaning concentrate for wooden and cork floors treated with Osmo Polyx®-Oil. Also suitable for varnished, stone, plastic, PVC and other water resistant surfaces. It is highly effective and water soluble for quick, easy and thorough floor maintenance – even for large and high traffic areas.


Liquid Wax Cleaner

Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner is specially designed for initial cleaning, occasionally refreshing and maintenance of wooden floors, furniture and wood treated with Osmo Polyx®-Oil as well as most other conventional wood finishes. Based on natural vegetable waxes – regenerates and cleans the surface at the same time.

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